Friday, March 7, 2014

This Week for Wardell's Wonders (March 10 - 14)

This week marks the beginning of the end! 
That is so sad to think about.  This year has flown by!
Starting next week, we will only have nine weeks left of the school year.  Please remind your students to "stay strong".  We have talked in class about having the finish line "in sight".  I have been reminding them not to give up when they can "see the finish line ahead". 
Thanks so much for your support in this. 
Monday (Mar. 10) 
Last day to turn in the Six Flags Read to Succeed log for the free ticket!
  • Selection test on Amelia and Eleanor Take a Ride
  • Spelling Pre-test if the student chooses over the Unit 5 Week 4 words
  • Social studies begins - they should be watching the video on the soc. st. page
  • We will start the new story, Antarctic Journal, and I have posted new resources to the reading page.  Take a look!
Friday (Mar. 14)
Lucky Dawg Auction
  • Spelling Test over Antarctic Journal (Unit 5 Week 4)
  • Selection Test over this story will be on Monday (March 17)

Graphic Organizer for Computer

Please have your graphic organizer with you on Monday for computer class. 
Information about this has been on the Fourth Grade Blog for the last month. 
A blank graphic organizer is on the forms page of the Fourth Grade Blog. 
Also, you MUST have a parent signature at the top of your finished organizer which tells Ms. Chris that a parent has checked over your organizer. 
Parents, you should be checking to see that they have all the information listed on the organizer and that the places your student chose are not in the same city. 
Thanks for your help in this matter. 
They will not be allowed to start their state fair brochure if they do not have this graphic organizer in computer class on Monday with a parent signature!!!!!!!!!!!!

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