Friday, March 14, 2014

This Week For Wardell's Wonders - (March 17-21)

Thank you all for filling out the online Grandparent checkout form.  
Remember, remind your child's adult to come to the room as soon as the program is over for check out.  
Once they have done this, they are welcome to go to the courtyard for refreshments and have their student show them around the classroom.


Thank you Miss Hannah McDonel for sending in something from our class wish list.  
If you would like to send in an item off the wish list, you can find it to the right of this post under the test schedule for the week.  
Thanks again Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Signed papers for last week and this week will go home on Monday, March 24th.  I am sorry about the delay this week, but report cards and Grandparent's Day have taken top priority.  

The papers for next week will go home the first day we return from spring break!  

Thank you for understanding :)

We have a busy week ahead! 
Make sure to check the Fourth Grade blog for an important note from Mrs. Dyer
about Grandparent's Day. 
Also, please scroll down to the very bottom of this page and fill out the online document concerning check-out after Grandparent's Day. 
This is an early release and someone will need to be here after the program to pick up each student.
Check-out will be in our classroom
immediately after the program. 
Monday (March 17):
Selection Test over Antarctic Journal
Wednesday (March 19):
Preamble Test
Mid-Chapter Math Test - chpt. 13 Les. 1-4
Thursday (March 20):
Social Studies Chpt. 6 Vocabulary Quiz
Rehearsal for Grandparent's Day
Friday (March 21):
Grandparent's Day 9:00 - Nicholson Center
Make sure you have indicated who your child will check-out with that day through the online check-out sheet on this blog.  Scroll to the bottom and fill in your information.  Make sure to click "submit".  You will need to check-out your child from our classroom after the program.

The selection test and spelling test for Moonwalk
will be on Monday, March 24th. 
Make sure you are using ALL of the reading resources
I have put on the Reading page
(tab at the top of this page)
in order to be prepared for the selection test.

**Don't forget your brochure graphic organizer for computer on Monday!  Put it in your binder Sunday evening.  Make sure it is complete and your mom or dad have signed the top saying they have looked over it to make sure your attractions are not in the same city!  Thank you!

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