Friday, September 12, 2014

A Flash Back at this week (9/8) and a Peek at Next Week (9/15)

Update from Mrs. Dyer about Christmas Musical CD's

We have begun looking at our 3rd & 4th grade Christmas musical, “Christmas Hang-ups”.  As in the past, if a student would like a practice CD of the songs we will sing, they can send $2 in an envelope or Ziploc bag with the following info:
              Child’s Name
              Grade/Teacher’s name
              $2  cash (exact change and no checks, please)

              For:  Mrs. Dyer/Christmas CD

The Tech Campaign is going great so far.  
Our dress code free day was so fun, but how nice would a day off of school be?  
We must reach 100,000.00 before Mr. Nicholson will grant us a "free day" off of school.  
Also, we MUST have 100% class participation for our class to attend the "Jump Party".  
We are at 84% right now.  If you have not brought in a donation yet, please try this weekend to get someone you know to donate.  
Anything from $10.00 and up counts as a donation.  I know we can do it!

Homecoming Shirt Orders
Don't forget that the homecoming shirt orders are due by Wednesday, Sept. 17th.
You can print the order form I posted here to the blog.  
Scroll down to the previous post and you will see the order form.  
This is not mandatory, but I always hear students say, "I wish I had ordered a tee-shirt!"
The students usually get to wear them during homecoming week.

Field Trip Money
1/2 of the field trip money is due by Friday, Sept. 19th.  
You are more than welcome to pay the entire amount at that time if you prefer.  If you pay half, the other half will be due on October 17th.  
If you wish to chaperon, then we MUST receive your "wish list" of trips by Friday, Sept. 19th as well.  We must get a letter to you about the costs of the trips you wish to attend and get that in as well because tickets need to be ordered.  Thank you for helping us with this.

Reading:  We are still enjoying The Lemonade War!  Next week we will be reading chapters 10, 11, and 12.  We are almost finished with the book and will be ending the book with a fun filled "lemony" day :)   More info. to come about that later!  We have been learning about figurative language while reading and I have added a new video about figurative language.  Take a look at the Reading page.

Spelling:  Unit 2 Week 1:  Adding -s and -es:  Add -s to words ending in a vowel and y and to most words:  monkeys, friends.  Change y to i and add -es to words ending in a consonant and y:  supplies.  Add -es to words ending in sh, ch, s, ss, x:  taxes

Grammar:  We will learn about simple, compound, and complex sentences while reviewing what we have worked on so far.  I have added new videos and information on simple, compound, and complex sentences.  Take a look at the grammar page!
 PLEASE save the study guides I am sending home before each test in grammar.  We will have a cumulative test at the end of the nine week grading period.  Please pass this information along to others you may talk to.  Thank you!

Science:  This chapter on Classifying Living Things is coming to an end this week.  We will have our test on Friday, Sept. 19th.  I have posted an online review and game of the organelles.  Make sure to review the Cell Rap and the online game.  We have a quiz over the cell organelles on Tuesday.

Math and Writing:  Make sure you are looking at the other teacher's sites to see what is going on in these two subjects.  

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