Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Look Back (9/15-9/19) and a Peek (9/22-9/26)

Last Week

We had a very busy and fun week of learning!  
Thank you so much for getting in your field trip money. 

Chaperon Letters and Money Due for Chaperon Tickets
Chaperon letters will go home on Monday.  It lists the trips you signed up for and the total price to send in for your chaperon tickets.
If you chose the Aquarium trip you will see a significant difference in price from your child's price.  According to the aquarium all chaperons must pay the regular entrance price (27.95) plus tax.  Please let me know if you have any questions when you get your letter on Monday.  Also, the due date listed on the letter (to return payment for your chaperon tickets) says Wednesday, Sept. 24.  Stone Mountain and the Fox have both extended our due date until Sept. 30th, so you will have until that day to send in your money for your tickets.  
Thanks so much for accompanying us on our trips this year!  

Tech-Knowledge Campaign
Next turn in day is Monday, Sept. 22.
We are at 94% and we need 100% class participation to attend the Jump Party on Oct. 3rd.

Christmas CD for the Christmas musical
CD are $2.00 each.   Check last week's post for detailed information.

Art Shirts
Don't forget to send in a shirt for your child to wear during art.  This will help keep their school clothes from getting stained with the different mediums used in art.  Thanks!

Thanks to Aryn Gravitt and her dad for bringing in a microscope in order for us to view some really cool things.  Friday we were able to view snake skin under the microscope.  This week we plan to view some other slides with the help of Aryn!


A Peek At Next Week
We have a busy week next week!  This is Homecoming Week for GWA.  We will have our homecoming pep-rally on Friday, Sept. 26.  We will also have our fun filled day of presenting The Lemonade War Brown Bag Reports and enjoying lemonade and lemon cookies thanks to Mrs. Duey!

Reading:  We will finish up The Lemonade War this week.  We will have a written test, and AR test, and will present the Brown Paper Bag reports.  Info on this project went home last week.  Please check with your child if you have not seen this information.  This is something you can not do the night before!
Spelling:  This week we will be working on Unit 2 Chapter 2.  Don't forget that I have added the spelling lists for all of Unit 2 to the blog.  Just click on the tab labeled "Spelling".  Irregular Plurals:  Some plurals are formed by adding -s or -es: roofs, potatoes.   Sometimes the spelling of the singular form changes: loaf to loaves.  Some words do not change at all:  moose, sheep.
Grammar:  We will have a test on Tuesday over changing simple sentences to compound sentences.  Also, making compound subjects and predicates.  The GNB is also due on this day.  Your child brought home a study guide on Friday.  We will take a look at complex sentences on Wednesday.  We will have a test over complex sentences on October 7 and a cumulative grammar test over the entire sentence unit on October 9.  
Science:  We will begin a unit on adaptations and ecosystems starting next week.  Take a look at the blog where I have updated the science page.  
Math & Writing:  Take a look at the other teacher's sites in order to get information about these two subjects.

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