Friday, September 5, 2014

A Peek at Next Week (Sept. 8-12)

Monday is a turn in day for the TechKnowledge Campaign!  

Order forms for Homecoming tee shirts went home Friday, Sept. 5, and are due back by Wednesday, Sept. 17th.

We have several quizzes and tests this week, so make sure to check out the test schedule.

Reading:  Our quiz on chpts. 6-8 for last week was postponed.  It will be this week on Thursday and will include chapters 6-10.  

Spelling:  Long "U" sounds:  This sound has several spellings such as: u-consonant-e (excuse), ew (threw), oo (mood), ui (cruise), and u (pupil)  Test on Friday (9/12) if student did not exempt.

Grammar:  We are working hard at recognizing complete and simple subjects and predicates.  Ask your child about becoming a Samurai Sentence Slasher!  Test on Friday (9/12) over subjects and predicates.

Science:  Cells, Cell, They're made from Organelles!  We are working hard at learning all about these wonderful things.  We have a quiz over the parts of an animal and plant cell on Monday 9/15 (watch the cell rap video on the science page)  The test is on Friday, Sept. 19th!

Check with the other teacher's sites to find information about math and writing.  Don't forget you can get to their sites easily by clicking on their name on the box to the right of this post.

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