Saturday, September 27, 2014

Great Week of Homecoming Activities

We had a fun week of homecoming activities!  
Check out the new photo page (tab at the top) to view class photos.  I wish I had taken more photos of the students doing their lemonade bag reports, but I was so "into" the students presentations I forgot :(

Thanks to Mr. Duey, Mrs. Duey, and Mrs. Cash for our homecoming banner!  Super job!
Thanks to Mrs. Duey for our lemonade and lemon cookies!  
Both were AWESOME!  Also, for our cowboy and cowgirl hats!
I will get the recipe for the cookies and post soon. 

Final Tech-Knowledge turn in day on Monday, Sept. 29! 
Let's get our money in so we can have a free day off of school!
We now have 100% and will ALL be attending the jump party!  Thanks parents for all your help!!!!!! 

Parents, Your chaperon money is due on Tuesday, Sept. 30th!  Our first field trip will be on October 31 to Stone Mountain's Indian Pow Wow Festival!

A Peek At Next Week

Reading:  We will be doing some "fresh reads" next week.  These will help us learn how to read a passage and go back to it to find the answers to questions.  This is practice for our benchmark test during the week of October 6-10.

Spelling:  Words with the "ar" and "or" sound.   The vowel sound in arm is often spelled ar: start. The vowel sound in for is often spelled or: morning.

Grammar:  Still working on complex sentences.  Test over complex sentences will be Tuesday, Oct. 7.  We will have a test over sentences (4 types, subjects/predicates, compound subjects/predicates, simple, compound, and complex sentences) on Thursday, Oct. 9th.  We will be reviewing all of these concepts this week as we are learning about complex sentences. 

Science:  Still learning more about Adaptations and Ecosystems.  Test will be the week of Oct. 6-10.  More info about the test later.

Math and Writing:  Check out the other teacher's sites for information on these two subjects.

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