Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Look At Oct. 6-10 and a Peek at Next Week (Oct. 14-17)

A special thanks to Mrs. Atkinson who decorated our Halloween door.  It was A"door"able !!  
Check it out on the Class Photo page (tab at the top).

From Mrs. Dyer:
I have assigned the cast list for “Christmas Hang-Ups”.  
I will not send out hard copies this year.  The students can go to my blog: 
and read the most recent post.  It has a link to the cast list.   I will be passing out copies of the script to those who have speaking/singing parts this week as they come to my music class.

Mrs. Debbie Dyer

We had our First Quarter Behavior Reward Party on Friday and the students (and teachers) had a wonderful time.  
This is something we do at the end of each nine-week grading period to celebrate the student's wonderful behavior.  

Next week begins the second grading period.  
It is a fresh opportunity for each student to improve on the last grading period or continue on with the great work habits they have developed.

This will be a busy grading period and can sometimes be a distracting one with exciting events such as Christmas.  Please help your child stay focused on their academics as we juggle the other activities that the holiday brings.  
Thanks Parents!

A Peek At Next Week

Reading:  We will continue to work on several reading strategies in our RNB as we get prepared to start our new novel, Blood On The River - Jamestown 1607.  Check out the reading page for important information on the strategies that we are learning.

Spelling:  Generalization:    Some words have two consonants that blend together: among, think.   Some words have two consonants that are said as one sound: graph, wheel.    The words are on the spelling word page (tab at the top).

Grammar:  We will begin a unit on NOUNS!  This week we will review the basics:  common and proper nouns.  We will also review weekly what we learned in the sentence unit.  Make sure to check out the grammar page on important information during this unit.  
The test over common/proper nouns will be on Tuesday, Oct. 21st.  

Social Studies:  We will change from science to social studies this second nine weeks.  Our social studies will start off with a unit on Native Americans.  Make sure to check out the social studies page for information on this unit.  
The vocabulary quiz will be on Tuesday, Oct. 28th.  
The chapter test will be on Thursday, Oct. 30th.

Math & Writing:  Check out the other teacher's sites in order to get information about these subjects.

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