Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Peek at Next Week (Oct. 20-24)

We had a great week this past week! Saturday was our Dawg Unleashed Festival and I heard through the grapevine that some of our fourth graders really excelled in the 5K and the Fun Run.  I will post those results as soon as I get the official standings!  

New Novel - Blood on the River
Parents, please feel free to purchase your child a copy of this book to keep at home if you would like.  You can purchase it used on Amazon for a very inexpensive price.  If you choose to do this, please don't let them read ahead of what we listen to in class.  Each chapter will be listed on the blog for the student to listen to, so a book is not necessary.

As you can see, I have moved the other teacher's site tabs to the top of the post.  They are now located between the subject tabs and the weekly posts.  Also, I have put the Important Links section at the bottom of the posts, so you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to click on those links.  

Those students with special parts in the musical received a script last week.  Please let me know ASAP if your child does not have their script.

The information for the social studies extra credit went home on Friday.  Our tribe is the Dakota Sioux.  We will be doing some research about this tribe as we discuss Native Americans.  

Mr. Cloud will begin teaching the students Latin this week.  Our day is Tuesday at 10:00.  The students will need a small spiral notebook in order to take notes.  They are all very excited!
Carpe Diem 

A Peek At Next Week (Oct. 20-24)

Reading:  We will be having a quiz over chapters 1-4 of Blood on the River.  You can listen to the chapters again by clicking on the B.O.T.R. tab at the top.  The quiz will be over the vocabulary and the five questions we discussed in class on Friday.  You took home a summary page with the five questions on the back.  Please look over that.

Spelling:  Words with ear, ir, our, ur - The vowel sound in girl can be spelled ear, ir, our, and ur: early, first, courage, return.  

Grammar:  We will have a test over common/proper nouns on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin talking about singular/plural/and irregular plural nouns.  Don't forget that Mountain Language is now something that needs to be done at home and is due back on Friday of the week.  The new words get posted to the blog on Monday and the students will receive their answer sheet at school.  I still have the words listed by days so that the students can pace themselves if they would like.  They can always finish the Mountain Language early and return it before Friday, but I STRONGLY suggest that parents review the answers with the student before they turn it in.

Social Studies:  We will begin working in the social studies text book this week as we take a look at the first Americans (Native Americans).  The students will be allowed to use the reading that will be assigned each evening for HW as their 20 minutes of reading for their log.  They must write the lesson title as the title - include the page range - and read for the entire 20 minutes.  If they finish the lesson before the 20 minutes is over they need to go back and read it again.  I would strongly suggest that parents set a timer in order to make sure the student reads for a total of 20 minutes. This will help them GREATLY in the understanding of the text.

Math and Writing:  Check out the other teacher's sites to see what is going on next week in these subjects.

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