Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Peek At Our Upcoming Week (Oct. 27 - 31)

Let's take a look at our upcoming week:

Please make sure to check the monthly calendar often as updates are made when changes in lessons, assignments, and activities occur.

Thought for the week:

Monday:  We will not have spelling this week, so there will be no pre-test, homework, or daily spelling spirals.  The extra credit for social studies is due today.  It will not be counted as extra credit if it is turned in past today.  Chaperon information for Friday's field trip will be posted to the blog today.

Tuesday:  We will have a vocabulary quiz over Chapter 1 social studies terms.  Latin actually starts today (sorry about the mix up of thinking it was last week - I was a little anxious I guess).  Your child will need a spiral notebook in order to take notes.   Curriculum Night tonight for our GWA parents.  Please make plans to join us in order to see what your child is learning!

Wednesday:  Blood on the River quiz over chapters 5-8.  Make sure to listen to the audios on the blog if you need too.  Please don't listen ahead (only chapters 5-8).

Thursday:  Social studies test chapter 1.  Halloween festivities because of tomorrow's field trip.  Pep rally at 2:00.

Friday:  Field Trip:  Indian Pow Wow Stone Mountain

Reading:  Blood on the River chapters 5-8 with a quiz on Wednesday.  We are working on writing summaries of each chapter as we listen in class along with discussing the characters and their traits and how those traits relate to the developing plot.
Spelling:  No spelling this week.
Social Studies:  Review, vocab quiz, and test of chapter 1.
Grammar:  No test this week.  We will continue to review singular/plural/irregular nouns and will learn about pronouns.  Our test over this section will be Tuesday, Nov. 4th.
Math & Writing:  Check with those teacher's websites for any information regarding these subjects.

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