Saturday, October 4, 2014

Peek at our Week (Sept. 29-Oct. 3) and a Look at Next Week (Oct. 6-10)

We had a busy week of learning and fun!  
The jump party on Friday was a great way to reward our class for 100% participation during the Tech-Knowledge Campaign.  
Thanks again for all your hard work to help reach our goal!

This week is the last one of the nine week grading period.
It will be a busy week with several opportunities (tests).  
Make sure and check the test schedule.  
The students have everything they need to study and make an excellent grade before our first grading period is over. 

Don't forget that Friday is an early release day.  Carpool will start at 12:30 and the buses will leave at 1:00.  Also, don't forget that Monday, October 13 will be a school holiday!!!

Make sure to take a look at Mrs. Dyer's website for important information on the upcoming Christmas musical and try-out information. Click on the link below to go to her blog. 
Mrs. Dyer's Blog

A Look At What We Are Learning 

Reading:  We will start working on our RNB's next week as we take a look at the reading strategies of:  Inferences, Theme, Summarizing, and Characters.  We will also take the Benchmark 1 test this week (reading section only).  No grades will be recorded for the Benchmark as it is used for evaluating the students' skill abilities.  You will be notified of the results.  

Spelling:  We will not have spelling this week.  We will use this time to work on  reviewing skills previously taught.  
Grammar:  We will finish our unit on Sentences with a test on Tuesday (Complex Sentences) and a cumulative test on Thursday (everything in the GNB).  The GNB is due on Thursday for a quiz grade.  Please take time outside of class to work on your GNB and remember that visual appearance is counted as part of the grade.  That is the only way I have to grade that time was spent on the GNB outside of class.  It is an easy A if you put forth some effort on those items listed on the rubric (which will be passed out on Monday).

Science:  We have a quiz on adaptations on Monday.  We will finish our chapter on ecosystems with a test on Wednesday.  The SNB is due on Friday.  A rubric will be passed out on Monday, so the students will know exactly what will be graded in the SNB.  This will be our last week of Science until the third grading period.  We will start social studies on Tuesday, Oct. 14th.

Math and Writing:  Please check the other teacher's sites to see what the activities will be in these subjects.

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