Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Peek at This Week (Nov. 17-21)

Busy Week Ahead - So Hang On and Stay Strong!!

On Friday we got to eat hominy, because that is what they ate at the Jamestown colony in Blood On The River.
Let me first say, the students had mixed reactions to eating the hominy.  
Some loved it and had several helpings. 
Others said it was good, but different.  
Then, there were those who just did not like it.
It was a great way of bringing the book "to life" and experiencing something that our main character Samuel got to experience.  The students are really enjoying the book and they are able to connect what is happening in the book to what we are learning in social studies!  

A Peek at This Week

Reading:  We will have a quiz over chapters 13-16 on Tuesday.  We will have a quiz on chapters 17-20 on Friday. 
Spelling:  Unit 3 Week 3:  The vowel sound in shout can be spelled "ou" or "ow": couch, towel.
Grammar:  The Grammar/Nouns page will stay up for those people who were absent and still need to take the big Noun test!  It will be removed this week.  The Grammar/Verb page is up now too!  We will start our unit on Verbs Monday and will carry this through until Christmas break.  We will begin with a basic review of action verbs, then go into helping verbs (there are 23), linking verbs (and how to tell when a helping verb could be a linking verb), subject/verb agreement, and verb tenses.  Remember to always take a look at the Grammar page on the blog to stay updated and to practice the concept with online games.
Social Studies:  We will finish up Chapter 3 this week with a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday and the Chapter 3 test on Thursday.  We will start chapter 4 when we return from Thanksgiving break.
Math & Writing:  Check with the other teachers' sites for information on these subjects.

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