Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our Week (Nov. 3-7) and Next Week (Nov. 10-14)

Whew!  Time just continues to fly by!  
I can't believe that half the year will be here in just about six weeks. 

We had another busy week last week which seems to be the nature of this time of year.  Your students continue to work hard.  
I am proud of them.  

A Peek at Next Week (Nov. 10-14)

Reading:  We will have chpt. 9-12 open note quiz on Monday.  I will have the audio clips for chpts. 11 and 12 up by Sunday night.  The next four chapters 13-16 will go up next week.  The students are really enjoying the story and they are able to see how it relates to what we are learning in social studies.  
Spelling:  Unit 3 Week 2:  A homophone is a word that sounds exactly like another word but has a different spelling and meaning: piece, peace.  
Grammar:  Review Monday of possessive nouns and pronouns, quiz on Tuesday over possessive nouns and pronouns, Wednesday and Thursday will be spent reviewing ALL NOUNS and PRONOUNS, the BIG NOUN TEST will be on Friday (Nov. 14 - GNB is due).  Please use the Grammar/Nouns page on the blog to review all nouns/pronouns for this test.
Social Studies:  Chpt. 2 Vocab. quiz on Monday, Chpt. 2 Test on Tuesday (SSNB due), We will begin chpt. 3 on Wednesday.
Math and Writing:  Please check the other teachers' websites for information about these classes.

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