Saturday, November 29, 2014

Welcome Back

Welcome Back!
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and are ready to work hard during these last three weeks of this grading period.  
Stay focused and end the second quarter strong! 

Student Conferences
If I have not seen you for a conference, please scroll to the bottom and fill out the online form to schedule one.  I will send you a confirmation in your child's agenda the day before your scheduled date.  Please do not schedule another conference if we have already met this year.  Thank you.

A Peek At Our Week
Grammar:  Action and Linking verb review,  Helping and Main Verbs - Verb Test will be on Monday, Dec. 15 (Action/Linking/Helping)
Reading:  BOTR chapters 17-20  (make sure and study the BOTR page on the blog)
Social Studies:  Chapter 4:   Life in the Colonies
Spelling:  Unit 3 Week 4:   A compound word is made of two or more words. Keep all the letters when spelling compounds: shoelace.
Math and Writing:  Check out the other teachers' sites for information.

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