Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Peek at our Week - Dec. 15 - 19

Awesome Job Fourth Grade with the Christmas Musical!
You guys were wonderful!  Your hard work paid off.  Thanks for doing an awesome job of sharing the Christmas message and teaching us about how to treat others every day of the year!  I am proud of you!

Chaperon Letters
Chaperon letters went home last week.  
Chaperons, remember to send in the small attached note to let me know your plans for your child after the performance.
Chaperons, remember to pick up your ticket for the performance in the classroom with me at 8:00 that morning (Wed. 12/17) or you will have to text me upon arrival at the Fox to get your ticket from me.  The Fox will NOT let you in without this ticket.

Student Reminders for the Field Trip on Wednesday 12/17
  • Be at school by 8:00.
  • We are pulling out of the parking lot at 8:15 (hopefully with you), so please don't be late or you won't be on the bus with us!
  • You may wear Christmas attire.  You are representing GWA and Mr. Cloud asked that you be reminded to wear Sunday best.  If you are not going to wear something Christmas related, then you will need to wear a red dress code shirt or sweatshirt and khaki pants.

Busy Week Ahead
We have a busy week of learning.  Stay strong and work hard.
Your graded papers will go home on Thursday of this week in order to include all the work from last week and this week.  
Be on the look out for that.  
The return date for that will be on Friday, Dec. 19th.

Spelling:  No spelling this week!
Reading:  We will finish up with FUTB this week.  
Vocab. Quiz on Mon (12/15), AR test on Tue (12/16), and written test on Thur (12/18).  We are also working on a notebook project in class that will count as a test grade.  This will be done completely at school, but please make sure your child has scissors, glue, and colored pencils.  Thank you!
Social Studies:  Chpt. 4 Vocab Quiz Mon (12/15) and Chpt. 4 test on Tue (12/16).    The SSNB is due on Tue as well.  
Grammar:  Verb Test will be on Mon (12/15).  We will spend the remainder of the week reviewing the parts of speech already learned and labeling those parts in a sentence.  We will also begin with some simple diagramming. 
Math and Writing:  Check with those teachers' sites to get assignments in those areas.

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