FUTB (Family Under The Bridge)

The Family Under The Bridge
by: Natalie Savage Carlson
This is the new book we will be reading in class.  
Your child will have a copy to bring home and study before each quiz and test.  I have copied some links the book being read if your child wants to listen and follow along with their copy.  Enjoy!

Click on the links below to listen to the story as you read along in your book.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9  (This video starts delayed with line 5, pg. 85, of chapter 9)

Vocabulary for Quiz on Wednesday, Dec. 10th
Quiz on Chpt. 1-5 on Thursday, Dec. 11th

  • ragged - shabby from being worn a great deal
  • meander - went back and forth in an aimless way
  • fastidious - not easy to please; very particular and sensitive
  • despair - lose all hope or confidence
  • bewildered - confusing; puzzling very much
  • swagger - walk in a showy, strutting way
  • fragile - easily broken or delicate
  • charity - giving money or help to people in need

Take your book home on Thursday (12/11) and read chpt. 6 and 7 as your 20 minute reading!  
Remember, you can listen to the story being read and follow along in your book, if you like. 
Just click on the chapter links above.

Quiz on Chpt. 6-7, Friday, Dec. 12th
Vocabulary for Quiz on Monday, Dec. 15th
AR Test on Tuesday, Dec. 16th
Written Test on Thursday, Dec. 18th
You can use the book FUTB for your 20 minute reading this week as you prepare for the test by reviewing the chapters.  Also, remember to listen to the chapter videos listed above as you follow along if you would like.

  • astonished - surprised greatly
  • blithe - cheerful, gay(happy), carefree
  • gaudy - bright and showy in a cheap way
  • immaculate - perfectly clean; spotless
  • immense - very large, huge, vast
  • makeshift - something used for a time in place of the usual thing
  • plight - condition of a situation, especially a sad or dangerous one

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