Grammar Nouns

Big Noun Test - Tomorrow (11/14)
Mt. Lang. Due - Tomorrow (11/14)
GNB Due - Tomorrow (11/14)
The grading rubric for the GNB which is due tomorrow is:

  • Title Page (chpt. 5  -  Noun and Pronoun Town  -  31-50)
  • Pages Present
  • Pages Complete
  • Pages Numbered
  • Visually Appealing (neat and important details highlighted - color added)

Check your answers here from the Possessive Noun Race we did today in class!  Don't forget to work on your new Mountain Language Page for this week too!

Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

We will not have a "test" over possessive nouns, but we will have a quiz on Tuesday over this.  
Our BIG NOUN TEST over all nouns (scroll down this entire page to review) will be on Friday, November 14th.  
The students' GNB will be due this day as well.

Here are a few online games to review possessive nouns and pronouns.

Singular/Plural/Irregular Nouns
Singular and Plural Pronouns
Section Two of Noun and Pronoun Town
The test over this section of nouns (singular/plural/irregular nouns/pronouns) will be on Tuesday, November 4th.  A study guide will go home on Thursday, October 30th.  The GNB will NOT be due until the end of the entire noun/pronoun unit.


Click on the link below for practice pages:

Click on the links below for pronoun practice games:

  Singular, Plural, and Irregular Plural Nouns

**Below you will find a power point with some rules for making singular nouns plural.  I will be adding to this power point each day as we review the rules in class.  There will be 10 rules when finished.  If your child does not finish the rule page in their GNB in class, they will need to complete it for homework.

Common and Proper Nouns
Section One of Noun and Pronoun Town
The test over this section of nouns (common/proper) will be on Tuesday, October 21st.  
The GNB will NOT be due until the end of the entire 
noun/pronoun unit.

Noun Video
School House Rock

Common Nouns/Proper Nouns
Interactive Video

Noun Online Games

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