Novel - Blood on the River (B.O.T.R.)

Jamestown Adventure - Interactive Game

Chapters 17-20
The quiz over these chapters will be on December 4th.


impish:  a mischievous expression or attitude
vengeful:  wanting to get back at someone for a wrong they have done
conjectures:  guesses with no proof to back them up
decrees:  laws or rules issued from someone in authority
vying:  competing for a better position
awestruck:  completely astounded

Questions to Ponder

1.  In chapter 17, what does Pocahontas teach Samuel, Richard, and Thomas?

2.  Who arrives in the colony in chapter 19, much to Samuel's surprise?

3.  Who comes to live in the colony in chapter 18?  What does he tell Samuel about Captain Smith and Pocahontas?

4.  In chapter 19, Captain Smith becomes the settlement's new president.  What kind of president is he?

5.  At the end of chapter 17, a disaster occurs.  What is it?

6.  At the beginning of chapter 20, Samuel says he is "jittery with excitement".  Write two other expressions that could express the same feeling.

Answers to Questions to Ponder  
Answers will be added as we read the chapter in class and discuss the answers.
The students will be able to study the questions before the quiz.

Chapters 13-16
The quiz over these chapters will be on Tuesday, Nov. 18th.


encroaching:  moving into another's territory
dole:  to give out portions
pummel:  to punch or pound repeatedly
exhorting:  strongly encouraging
communal:  the quality of being shared by a group/society
compulsion:  an uncontrollable urge

Questions to Ponder

1.  According to Cpt. Smith, why is it so important to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean?

2.  What happened to Cpt. Smith after he was captured by the natives according to what he tells the settlers in Chpt. 15?

3.  In Chpt. 13, why don't the settlers of Jamestown venture outside the fort?

4.  Why do the president and gentlemen arrest John Smith in Chpt. 15?

5.  What does Samuel do to extend the hand of friendship to Richard?


Chapters 9-12
(Open Note Quiz over these chapters on Monday, Nov. 10th)
(Students have notes at school in their yellow Novel folders.)

Chapter Ten Audio 

Vocabulary for Chapters 9-12

lulling:  calming - to soothe or quiet
coarse:  unrefined - harsh
converse:  communicate - to talk with another
makeshift:  stopgap - a substitute, something temporary
coveted:  desired - to wish for deeply
interceded:  appealed - to act on behalf of someone in trouble


Chapter Five Audio

Chapter Six Audio
Chapter Seven Audio
Chapter Eight Audio

Vocabulary for Chapters 5-8

tallow:  animal fat used to make candles, soap, or ointment
translucent:  having enough transparency to let light through
murky:  dark and thick;  hard to see through
billow:  pushing a sail out with the wind
tarnished:  discolored or darkened
abuzz:  an atmosphere of excitement and noise

Chapter One Audio
Chapter Two Audio
Chapter Three Audio
Chapter Four Audio

Vocabulary for Chapters 1-4

wares:              general items sold in a market or store
slothfulness:    extreme laziness
blight:               a disease that destroys plants and crops
wield:               to use power or authority
magistrate:       an official or judge who enforces the law
yeoman:           a man who works his own agricultural land

About the author:  Elisa Carbone

Link to information about the author.


Our next novel will be a read aloud (by me).  
The students will not need a copy of the book.
We will start this book next week.

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