Reading ** My Brother Martin ** April 7-14

My Brother Martin 
Christine King Farris

"The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Weekly Focus
Take a look at the concepts we will be learning as we read this story.

Vocabulary Picture/Word Cards
Go over the vocabulary picture word cards to better understand the new words.

Online Story
Try to read the story once at night to a different person each day.

Reading Bookmark
Print and glue front to back.  Use as you read the story to practice new vocabulary.

Reading Resources: 
 Review Power Point and other resources
Go to Unit 6:  My Brother Martin to review for the selection test.  Try to use all the resources for this story.

A short biography of:  Martin Luther King Jr.

Excerpt from "I Have A Dream" - 
Martin Luther King's famous speech in Washington D.C.

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