Reading/TLW/Chpts. 1-5

Easy, Peasy, Lemon, Squeezy

The Lemonade War
This is  the novel we are reading in class.  It is REALLY good!  
Ask your child to summarize what has happened so far in the book.  
This helps them with reading comprehension.  
Make sure they tell you about the characters, what their problem seems to be, and predict how they will solve their problem.  

Chapter 1 - Slump

slump,   bare,  install,   avoid,   complicated,    hurtful,   humiliated, swollen

Discussion Questions:
  • What is Evan and Jessie‟s relationship? Cite examples from the story to help support your answer?
  • What does Evan do to calm himself down?
  • What do you think the letter is about? 
  • Make a prediction.
Chapter 2 - Breakup

breakup,  growth spurt,  complaint,  puny,  frustrated,  competition,  bankrolling,  change,  deserted

Discussion Questions:
  • Evan is very angry at his sister. Why?
  • Why did Jessie get a letter this summer? What did it tell her parents?
  • Is Jessie to blame for her moving into the fourth grade?
  • If you were Evan, how would you be feeling?
Chapter 3 - Joint Venture

Vocabulary:  Joint venture,  Vendors,  Satisfied,  Profits,  Pedestrians,  Lull,  Weasel

Discussion Questions:
  • Evan does not like Scott Spencer. What can you tell about Scott from the reading?
  • Evan said to Scott, “You‟ll drink all our profits if you do that.” What does this mean?
  • Why was their a lull in sells at Evan‟s Lemonade stand?
  • What is Scott and Evan saving up for?
  • Do you think Jessie was bragging to Evan that she was making more money than he was?
Chapter 4 - Partnership

Vocabulary:  partnership,  impressed,  misery,  pathetic,  deflating

Discussion Questions:  
  • Jessie did not understand why Evan was mad at her. Describe Evan‟s side of the story. Describe Jessie‟s side of the story. 
  • How did Jessie ask Megan to play?
  • What are some character traits you would use to describe Jessie?
  • Why were more people going to Jessie‟s lemonade stand than Evan‟s stand?
  • Why did Jessie use pictures to explain how much money they would make?
              Chapter 5 - Competition

Vocabulary:  competition,  irritated,  showoff,  miser,  charity,

Discussion Questions:

  • Why is Evan mad that Jessie became friends with Megan?
  • Why does Evan feel like Jessie is racing him to get the dishes done?
  • What does Jessie plan to spend her lemonade money on?
  • What was the “spit-vow?”
  • Why does Evan and Jessie‟s mom feel sad when they argue?
  • What is the bet?
  • When will they determine who wins the bet?


Summer Reading 2014

Here are a few quizzes to review your summer reading books.  Remember we will discuss these books this Thursday and take a quiz over them on Friday, August 15th.

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