Social Studies

Chapter 8 Vocabulary Games

We will have a Chapter 8 vocabulary pre-quiz on Monday, May 5th.  If you make a 100 you will exempt taking the quiz on May 14th.  Do the flashcard game on the link above first in order to learn the words!
Remember, you can always use your book to make flashcards of all the chapter 8 words (15) or go on quizlet to make flashcards.


Chpt. 7 Vocab. Quiz - Tuesday, April 29th (if needed)
Chpt. 7 Test - Wednesday, April 30th
The students brought home a study guide on 
Thursday, April 24th to study for the test.


Social Studies Homework - Wed. April 16th

Click on the link below and read the short passage on Lewis and Clark.  Answer the 10 questions online when finished.
Remember to go back to the selection and check your answers!

SS HW - Wed. April 16th


Snow Day Make Up Assignment for Saturday, April 12.  
This is due by Wednesday, April 16th.
Each student will complete six footprints 
(the footprints will go home Friday, April 11) 
with an event that happened in their state fair state.  
Each footprint is labeled with a time period in which the event took place.  
They will need to utilize the internet to find an important event from each time period.  
They will then write it on the footprint in their 
neatest cursive handwriting.  
These are to be returned to school by Wednesday, April 16th because they will be used in art on Thursday to put on their state fair tri-board.  
Do not cut them out please!


George Washington's Inauguration Ceremony
Chpt. 7 Lesson 1


Chapt. 7 Social Studies Vocabulary Games
Try and find some time to take a look at some of these games 
during spring break for the new vocabulary words.  


Try the following links to some great 
Social Studies Interactive Websites:

Preamble to the Constitution
  • We will begin social studies again on Monday, March 10th. 
  • One of my favorite activities is to have the students memorize the Preamble to the Constitution. 
  • I have posted the School House Rock video with the Preamble song above. 
  • You can sing it or recite it for a test grade by March 19th.
  • The Preamble begins with "We the people" - this starts the song and will be what you are tested on. 
  • We will be discussing what the words of the Preamble mean in the life of an American citizen during the social studies chapter titled: The Birth of a New Nation.
If you don't study, this is what you might look like as you try to recite the Preamble for the test on March 19th.  Don't look like this as you try to recite the Preamble!  STUDY!!!!!!!

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